Today’s Winning Greyhound Statistics

Shortest Odd'sLargest Odd'sAverage Odd'sAverage Rating

The above table provides the following statistics for Today's Winners

  • Shortest Odd's winner
  • Longest Odd's Winner
  • Average Odd's of all today's winners
  • Average Sky Rating for today's winners

You can download the full table of winners below.

Today's Winning Box Numbers

MeetingBox NumberWinning Races

The table above lists all Winning Box numbers for today's completed races. Statistically Box 1 will have the highest number of wins. You can compare the above results for today with our Historical Box Results.

Full List Greyhound Winners for Today's Races

MeetingRace No1stWin OddsL3SRating

The above table provides a list of all today's winners including;

  • Meeting
  • Race Number
  • Runner Number (Box Number)
  • Win Odds (QLD Odds)
  • Last 3 Starts
  • Sky Rating