GreyhoundTips.com.au provides an Australian Greyhound Race Tipping service based on the latest greyhound racing results. Each historical greyhound race is analized to provide a statistical likelihood of a certain Greyhound winning against the other Greyhounds it is racing against. Due to the variables that are experienced in Greyhound Racing, statistically a punter needs to achieve a better than 40% win rate to provide a profit.

This Greyhound Tipping Service is a tool, we recommend you use it to help you make your own decision based around your own knowledge and greyhound racing form work.

Why do we provide this service? We believe that we can aid professional punters in their decisions by providing an unbiased analysis of the runners in the race. The individual punter, can then use this Greyhound Tipping Service to decide if they feel their selections are the best to provide a winning result. Greyhound Tips is purely a statistical tool which uses raw greyhound racing results to obtain its favourites, once the original analysis is done there is absolutely no human involvement in the selection process, this aids by providing an entirely unbiased set of results. We thank you for selecting GreyhoundTips.com.au and hope we are able to aid you in making profitable selections in your future bets.

Yours Sincerely – The Team at GreyhoundTips.com.au