Comparing Corporate Bookmakers

Australia has seen a massive in increase in number of corporate bookmakers bidding for the online punters hard earned dollar over the past few years. Everywhere you turn there seems to be someone new who has obtain a licence and looking to make a dollar. Tatts have now decided that their traditional bookmaking is no longer relevant and have announced the launch of, coming soon in 2015 and they are "ready for a new era" in betting. Here's to hoping it will be a win for punters, but likely just another wolf in sheep's skin.

It never ceases to amaze me how all the different corporate bookmakers advertise themselves as offering something different and unique, when at the end of the day all of them base their odds on either TAB VIC, TAB NSW or Tatts, with the majority offering TAB Vic odds or a Mid type of product.

As a regular punter turning over $2k per day with a number of different bookmakers I have seen the way all these bookmakers dividends play out first hand and I am not impressed with their results. We have found that our selections perform best with the Tatts dividend with VIC Tab second and NSW TAB coming in last for payouts.

The biggest problem we find is that as we are working on a 20% return on investment, as soon as your dividends are lower than your back-tested strategy average dividend you are automatically out of the money. You may still win the same percentage of the time, but due to low dividend payouts you end up just getting your money back, all the while making the bookmakers happy due to your increased turnover.

We are still working on a solution but if you have any suggestions, please leave your comments below, it would be great to hear from you.

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